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Kumar Pictures delivers a unique entertainment pilot series, entitled, The Alley Sessions.

The Alley Sessions features local Jacksonville musical artists and showcases the urban core of #DTJAX. The series is set in a back alley of downtown Jacksonville where the walls are adorned with graffiti. Kumar’s Creative Director, James Siler and crew captured the colorful, energetic and urban tones of the setting, while also weaving performances and interviews through the showroll.

Thanks to Cast/Crew:

Creative Director/Director/Editor/Camera, James Siler [pictured] –“The Alley Session are a filmmakers dream. We taped live sets from some amazing musicians. The team we have was top notch too and it shows.

Exec. Producer, Grant Nielsen – “The goal of the ‘Alley Sessions’ is to showcase the diverse music scene..Next we asked ourselves what we can do better than anyone else..Trey said a video project…So we collaborated with Kumar Pictures for the video.”

Host/Concept, Trey Hebron  – “Having the bands perform in and urban setting that was different from anywhere else in Jacksonville appealed to me. Thats why I said a video project focusing on local music talent.”

Dir. of Photography, Paul Bathen – “We filmed over the course of two days..The shoot went extremely smooth, thanks to the planning; resulting in 3 very unique episodes.”

Animation/GFX Editor, Brian Ratigan – “We work well in urban spaces. We find inspiration  within Downtown Jax. I can already tell 2016 is gonna be a year we can do even more.” 

**Talent featured in film.**Shot on location in Jacksonville, Florida.

**The Alley Session series is sponsored in part by Downtown Vision Inc., Downtown Investment Authority, and The Elbow (Jacksonville’s Entertainment District).**

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