Client: The Forest Management Trust

With Kumar Pictures, we have been able to affordably get our project underway. The video has paid for itself by all the rewarding partnerships it has attracted. We also use the video as a dynamic teaching tool during our seminars for African American forestry owners. We are impressed by James […]

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Client: Earthguy – Winner One Spark

“Working with Kumar Pictures has been the best experience. We’re a Jacksonville startup; Kumar Pictures has been with us the whole way– building our brand, generating media to connect with our larger targeted audiences, and communicating our larger purpose. Kumar Pictures helped us win One Spark, the world’s largest crowdsourcing […]

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Client: Teach for America

The Kumar Pictures team did a fantastic job with our media kit. We needed the media to reach our supporters and resonate a vibrant tone that matches our national branding. James was able to go further by listening to our needs and find visuals that represent the students and schools […]

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