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Kumar Pictures is proud to announce our most recent film entitled “From the Black Forest to the Piney Woods.”


This film addresses a German forestry practice that can help mitigate climate change and also help forest owners improve the value of their forest holdings.

What NOW?  Currently, the film is being entered into film festivals globally and is available on video on demand. We want to share the film with as many people as possible and even reach out to critical areas that could benefit from sustainable forestry management practices.

Josh Dickinson, Executive Director of the Forest Management Trust,  had a special opportunity to visit the Salish|Kootenai tribal forest [Flathead Reservation, MT] with UEA Forester Don Handley. Five tribal foresters took Don and Josh to an array of sites within the tribe’s 270,000 acre managed forest.

What’s NEXT?  The Trust and the tribes will document practices on the Flathead Reservation to provide technical support to its forest managers. Once that happens, “From the Black Forest to the Piney Woods” will explore sustainable forestry management practices from Germany to the Salish|Kootenai tribes.

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