Kumar Pictures is happy to share some behind the scenes pictures from one of our recent shoots for the BBVA bank.

Project coordination for the media campaign started with an international team. The team included an Italian agency, a London based firm, and a domestic US advertising agency based in Alabama. Jacksonville was chosen as one of four major cities to feature the BBVA brand story. Kumar Pictures was one of the four chosen production companies to handle the project.

Working closely with the Italian agency on the creative brief, Director James Siler M.F.A. provided client location options that showcased the beauty of Jacksonville. The Alabama agency provided a storyboard with desired content, Kumar Pictures produced content to successfully complete the match-cut edits completed by the other production companies in other cities producing BBVA media.

Live preview of media was available for the client on location. After an on-site review and approval of the recorded media, Kumar Picture’s transferred the media storage to the client’s digital storage.

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