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Solar is Back Baby!!

Kumar Pictures has recently been commissioned to produce a new marketing video showcasing a progressive Jacksonville company. Alex McKellop, one of A1A Solar’s top Commercial Sales Representatives, believes going solar is easier and more cost-effective than ever, producing real value and cash savings from the moment a new system goes live. A1A Solar designs and installs solar power plants that turn sunshine into usable electricity for our customers’ homes and businesses. Alex brought the idea of documenting and creating a video showcasing and highlighting a 463.68 kW solar module installation taking place at Severt and Sons’ Produce in South Carolina.

Recently James Siler, Creative Director and Owner at Kumar Pictures, was hired to develop the marketing campaign highlighting the A1A company and values. The video will include the following:

  • A Walkthru of the A1A process;
  • Severt and Sons’ client testimonials;
  • Observational footage of the onsite install;
  • List of preferred benefits offered to clients thanks to A1A solar energy designs;
  • Details of the solar technology available and options to customize your array; and
  • The true A1A Company value proposition.

More pictures and videos will be posted soon!! Find out more at http://A1Asolar.com



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