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JaxBridges Media Launch

Kumar Pictures is excited to announce the launch of our most recent creative media streams produced for the JaxChamber. The series highlights the JaxBridges program. The videos serve as a vehicle to encourage small business owners to pursue their dreams and maintain a healthy growth plan from start to finish. The program involves business model development, corporate etiquette, and other integration opportunities available to participants. Kumar Pictures graduated from the program in 2015. The videos reflects this perspective through the words and experiences of other entrepreneurs going through the program.

The class training is offered through the Jax Chamber Entrepreneurial Growth Division and is lead by Dr. Carlton Robinson.

Some of the business participating are startups starting from scratch, while others are reworking existing business models to access new capital and reach larger markets.

Visit jaxbridges.com for more info and signup.

Thanks to our Cast/Crew:

Creative Director/Camera/Co-Writer/Editor, James Siler –“I believe we captured the energy of our small business community. It was really fun to produce something so creative for the Chamber.”

-Co-Writer, Shelton H. – “We tried to express our city’s tapestry in ways that previous efforts have not.

-Vice President, Entrepreneurial Growth Division, Carlton R. – “Kumar Pictures did a wonderful job.”

-Jax Chamber President, Daniel Davis – “We love the work that Kumar Pictures does.”

**Cast featured in film.**Shot on location in Jacksonville, Florida at Kumar Pictures.**