Patribots: SCI-FI

Team Yeearrhh delivers a historical fiction that your kids will probably enjoy just as much as you.. Costumes, Set Design, Camerawork, Special FX, Lazers; all that good stuff.

Meet Eddie Towson..The worlds first cybernetic soldier in Patribots.

Thanks to our Cast/Crew:

Creative Director/Director/Editor/Camera, James Siler [pictured] –“Patribots is one of our favorite pictures; if you have 2-3 minutes, you should watch it.

Writer/Concept, Billy WardWe scraped together what supplies we could and created a short film. Film took home an award..Feels pretty good.”

Co-Producer/Assistant Dir., Jeff Skidmore [pictured] – “We started costume design soon after a rudimentary draft was in the works. A cam unit was recording preliminary test footage.

Co-Producer/Line Mgt, Matt McGahee [pictured] – “Pulling Sci-Fi for this year’s Savannah; the group accomplished what was, quite a feat.. Early on, delays occurred in the writing&development stage, but initial set sketches were provided to all camera units and props were being acquired.”

Dir. of Photography, Paul Bathen – “The first production set was assembled and sequences of the test footage were projected into the opening scene as set design. Now that is pretty sweet!!

Assistant Editor, Jean-Pierre Choiniere – “Never know what you’re gonna get with this group.. Always creative, and that keeps it fun.” 

**Cast featured in film.**Shot on location in Jacksonville, Florida at Kumar Pictures.**